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Camden Township Library

Our History

A Brief History of the Camden Twp. Library

The History of the Camden Twp. Library:

The Camden Library was started in 1922 by the Shamrock Club (no longer exists). Each of the ladies of the Shamrock Club donated 5 books, and the superintendent of schools donated 100 volumes from his personal library. Each member took turns taking care of the books and acting as librarian. 

In 1925, acting on a petition and election, the Camden Twp. Board accepted the responsibility of maintenance of the library, appointing and later electing a Library board. In April 1926, the Camden Library officially became the Camden Twp. Library in accordance with Michigan law for establishing a township library. 

Camden Village provided the first permanent location for the Camden Twp. Library. The library was located at 103 S. Main St. This building also served as the Village Hall and Fire Department, and housed the village’s only fire truck. In 1967, the Village built a new Fire Barn and the fire truck was moved out of the Library/Village Hall. Having outgrown the Village Hall, the Camden Twp. Library relocated to a Camden Twp. owned building (library’s current address) in 1986. A second storefront was purchased adjacent to the library and renovations were made to expand the library. The grand opening of this new section, which doubled the size of the library space, was held in January of 1990. 

The first official librarian for the Camden Twp. Library was Edna Casler. She was succeeded by Kathryn Clark, Ethel Brown, Lillian Salisbury, Roberta Jansen, Roberta Haynes, Rebecca Fether, Barbara Melvin and currently, Laura Orlowski. 

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